We don’t blame you for asking.  Greenwashing has taken its toll on all of us, and the regulatory standards are trying to make things clearer, but it’s only clearer if you know the standard, and even then, standards can be limited, or narrow, or confusing themselves.

Our response to this confusion:  just tell an honest story about why we say Bogobrush is completely biodegradable.

Bogobrush’s bamboo handle will biodegrade naturally, as any stick of its size would biodegrade. Bogobrush’s bristles are made of Polyamide (Nylon) 4, a type of bio-plastic.  While the science is still evolving about bio-plastics, studies, like those cited in the International Journal of Molecular Science, have confirmed that Nylon 4 can naturally bio-degrade within a few months.

THE ACTUAL TIME FRAME of biodegradability depends on a multitude of factors about the conditions surrounding degradation including temperature, the other ingredients in a compost pile, the number of worms and bugs present, and the stirring or mixing process implemented with the pile.  Because of the unknown conditions of individual composting techniques, we do not want to get stuck in a regulatory mess making claims about the actual length of degradation.  But, what we can say, with regulatory confidence, is that Bogobrush will completely biodegrade, and so long as it doesn’t end up in a landfill,* it will return safely to earth.

* A note about bio-matter and landfills:  Landfills lack the air necessary for safe biodegradation, so when bio-matter breaks down in a landfill, it releases harmful gases, like methane. Well, Bogobrush is almost completely made of organic bio-material – 90% or more bamboo, the remaining composition of Bogobrush is the bio-plastic bristles, which are not organic material.  So, to avoid the creation of poisonous gas in landfills, we strongly encourage you to avoid throwing your Bogobrush in the trash.  Instead, bury it in your backyard; you’ll like it:)

Ultimately, we will always push the boundaries of environmentally friendly material use and product life cycle by creating demand for the best possible materials.  Right now, we have created a toothbrush that will completely biodegrade with the best options for materials we could find – both for the environment and for you health. So, enjoy your Bogobrush, and know, we’ve got the environment’s back!

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- Heather