What to write, what to say…
to tell a story or share a photo,
give my thoughts on thanks+giving,
or does that just fade into
the sounds of the day?

I used to write poems, maybe I’ll try that.

The words in my heart ask me
to ask you to pre-order a brush
I feel almost backwards as
we approach tomorrow – perhaps
I should just give thanks, not ask for more

But is my request really
me asking for more?
No, not to me.

See, I hope you pre-order
for you,
for someone in need,
for our planet…
to share an experience
you never knew you could have
through a toothbrush

Bogobrush allows us  to care about
a toothbrush,
to think about the great fortune of
having clean teeth,
a healthy mouth, and healthy body,
beyond my dental check-ups
and into a world of
compassion and giving.

It’s the sharing that matters,
and brings us together to
learn about things outside of ourselves
and help move the world
toward a better place

So, have I said anything that
really makes sense?
I’m not so sure – my head is
a mess…late nights and excitement,
I take things day by day

If you haven’t already, take
time for your
toothbrush, don’t take
it for granted.

Pre-order a brush, and you will see
how a little toothbrush can
share so much:)

- Heather